PETZTS - Your Only Opportunity to Tap the Indian Pet Industry.

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Mumbai - the country's commercial capital and financial hub will soon host a mega pets trade show, the likes of which India has not seen earlier. Trinity - the producers of this B2B and B2C platform, being incorporated in 1993, has over 20 years of professional expertise in organizing international business events.

India, with rapid urbanization and with a middle class with a high per capita disposable income is ready for a major boom in the pet care market. A world economic superpower, second only to China in terms of size of market and with the fastest growth rate, the country is already home to many exotic and ornamental pets, including wide varieties of hybrid dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, small pets...

Mumbai - An International Metropolis. And WTC - a world class venue.
Mumbai is not just the gateway to India, but is possibly the country's largest market place for the industry. But here are other reasons why a presence at PETZTS′16 is a must. There could also not be a better venue to host this mega show in the heart of the capital. The plush ambiance enables you to do business worth lakhs, while an entire spectrum of pet supplies can be offered to thousands of business visitors and pet owners from all over the country.

Why Exhibiting or Visiting is a Must?

India's Pet World - This mega show will attract almost anybody who is somebody related to the pets industry - Not just from within the country, but from overseas too. Exporters & MNCs looking to expand their business, along with rich & famed pet owners and middle class pet parents.

Meet B2B Stakeholders - Over 80 percent of the visitor turnout will be from the pets trade, industry, professionals and service providers. And almost all of them either taking or influencing procurement decisions for pet related products.

Branding & Joint-Ventures - Build customer loyalty towards your existing brand. Introduce a product, set in place a distribution channel across India or just reach thousands of your target-audience for a number of business reasons.